Wish List

I’ve traveled for more than twenty years now. My favorite places are Alaska, Massachusetts (Specifically Boston and Cape Ann), Zurich, Australia’s north and east coasts, The Netherlands, Poland and lately Serbia, specifically Belgrade. But there are still quite a few places I’d like to have an in depth look at. Going somewhere is no big deal. Getting to know a place, it’s people, their culture and their history, that’s a big deal.

These are the places on my wish list:

The Giza plateau
Siberia, and specifically the Gulag trail.
The dessert drawings in Peru

On my travels I’ve met the most fabulous people ; I love to pick a brain. These are the folks I’d love to have a word with:

Stephen Hawking
Alan Guth
Lady Gaga
The Pope
The Serbian Patriarch
Jan Peter Balkenende
Mark Zuckerberg
Karl Haudbourg
The lady who writes Yankee In Belgrade
George Clooney
Angeline Jolie

I make it a habit to track people down when I’m in their neighborhood, but for any of the above I’ll gladly make a detour.

Contact me through arie at abarim-publications dot com.

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