Friday, March 4, 2011

Pisco, Peru - Timelines, eternity & opportunities

We’re definitely back in the tropics again. I’m not partial to the tropics; sweltering heat followed by those dark evenings. I’ve never been able to properly explain myself in this kind of climate (said the good doctor, and I’m with him). I like moderation and lots of light.

Ludin asked me this morning if he could go away for three days to visit the famous Mayan ruins at Machupicchu. Of course I told him no, so Ludin is now probably in the dessert somewhere. Speaking of the dessert. I’m not keen on desserts, but two of my most desired destinations are smack in the middle of it. Having travelled most of my life, all I really want is to go home, but if I can’t go home, I’d love to visit (that means stay there for a few weeks and absorb) (a) the Giza complex, and (b) the Peruvian dessert drawings.

Much to my consternation, a rope guy just told me that we parked the ship about 40 minutes away from these coveted Peruvian dessert drawings! And I can’t leave! Just like anybody else can’t just up and leave the office. Of course, sailing around the world, and seeing Antarctica again, can’t be compared to sitting in an office somewhere, but hey, I sure would like a day off sometime.

What would I do on my day off? Sleep in? Translate some more Hebrew names? Finally finish watching Life, with that groovy David Attenborough? Or read Bill Bryson’s Walk in the Woods for the fifth time? Perhaps Draga and I could sneak off, like two kids from a party and just sit somewhere, pretending we have as much time as the Peruvian dessert drawings.

The charming port of Pisco, Peru
Sailboats in Pisco Bay
Definitely Mayan
Peruvian pelican

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