Friday, November 19, 2010

Ljubljana, first impression

     “Have you had anything to eat in the last five minutes?” they want to know after we’ve ran up the stairs of their five story building, daubed lollipop pink with a statue of a voluptuous lady balancing on a ledge. They’re on the top floor, in what used to be an unused attic.  Wooden beams cut through every room, against the ceiling and on the floor as well. Beyond the windows bustles a gleaming town, varnished in drizzle.
   “…no…?” I carefully reply.
     “Wonderful!” they exclaim. “We just cooked up a horse, so start at the tail end and work your way up from there.  How come your bags are so heavy?”
     “… I brought some books…?”
     “You don’t need books on a holiday in Belgrade! You need to travel light.”
     “No! Leave me my Brysons! Unhand the Peterson!”
     “Calm down and have another hunk a horse.”

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