Monday, November 8, 2010

Restaurant Het Zwarte Schaep, Brielle, Netherlands – Review

Brielle is a quaint little village just south of Rotterdam. It’s a web of picturesque alleys and a few bustling main streets with probably as many restaurants and bars as there are shops. Brielle, a.k.a. Den Briel played a major role in the libaration war of the Netherlands (15th century) and some say that the first shot that would lead to the free world as we know it, was shot just off the coats of Briele. It’s definitely a town worth visiting during your holiday in the Netherlands.

And when you’re there, make sure you have your dinner in Restaurant Het Zwarte Schaep (The Black Sheep). You’ll never have seen anything like it; it’s like stepping into somebody’s living room. They can’t have more than six or seven tables, but in a mere few years they’ve managed to become one of the most popular restaurants in the area.
A dedicated team of culinary wizards will surely make your evening a memorable one. And the spare ribs - ah! the spare ribs! – make you think they’ve slaughtered a unicorn. Nobody knows how they do it - as their secrets are guarded passionately behind the amicable smiles of the charming proprietor – but they do it, and that’s what counts.

Het Zwarte Schaep is located on the edge of the inner town, and it overlooks part of the marina. This marina goes all the way around the town, so it’s hard to miss. After your dinner the banks of the canals make for an excellent stroll.

See you there!

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