Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christ Church Cathedral - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

On Port Stanley’s Ross Road stands the smallest cathedral in the history of cathedrals. It makes me wonder what earns a church the predicate “cathedral,” and decide that it must be entirely arbitrary. But the Oxford explains that a cathedral is not just a big church but “the principal church of a diocese.” Being on a windswept pancake of an island, any old shed might be reckoned a cathedral.

The Christ Church Cathedral is the principle church of the Anglican parish of the Falkland Islands. Its interior is like all other protestant churches grimly void of anything that might violate the second commandment (make no graven images) and disturbingly adorned with symbols of nationalism and coats of arms.

The windows are stained glass - because for some reason statues are no-no’s but stained glass windows aren’t – and show scenes from the New Testament. Up front lies Bible opened on Proverbs 6. In front of the church four massive whale bones (ribs I reckon) construct an arch, which is entirely macabre now that I think of it.

I aim my nose to the gale and trudge down Ross Road. I’m sure I saw a pretty white church just a bit further up. With a little luck that one is a bit more festive than this gloomy pit.

Christ Church Cathedral - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Interior of Christ Church Cathedral - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
Stained glass windows
Sola Scriptura

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