Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maceio, Brazil - a slow and sweltering word

In the sweltering heat lies Maceio, yet another Brazilian city. For some peculiar reason I keep forgetting how large this country is. And we still have a few ports to go before we leave Brazilian waters.

We drift by cranes and barracks into the mouth of the city. The horizon melts and heaven stitches to the sea without a seem. Out in the distance ships are afloat, suspended on nothing, like the earth itself. Bright beaches highlight the skyline. A small tug slowly approaches. It’s too warm to do anything fast, it seems to say as it gentle nudges our hull and begins to push us onto our berth.

Maceio, Brazil

Drifting into Maceio on a hot day
Palm trees on the coast of Maceio, Brazil
Pier head of Maceio, Brazil
Tug boat in the port of Maceio, Brazil
Boats suspended on nothing

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  1. Great little post. It must be amazing down there.


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