Monday, January 31, 2011

Morning birds off the coast of Brazil

I love the mornings. Hours before anybody else I stand on deck and watch the world. Today a flock of birds accompanies us. I know they see me, but their interest goes after the fish our bow scares up. I don’t know what birds they are; they look like gannets but I recall that gannets don’t occur in South America.

We’re rounding the eastern most point of Brazil. The sun rose warm and the ocean is blue and smooth. The birds take turns diving down, then they glide along side us. I’m sure they’re looking at me, like I am looking at them. For one brittle moment we belong together. Then they go back to diving, and I return to work.

Morning birds off the coast of Brazil

A gannet, perhaps?
A bird flying over the ocean
Bird over water, seen from above
Bird over water
Two sea birds flying toward the sun

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