Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Church of Saint Anthony in Trieste, Italy

Interior of the Church of Saint Anthony - Trieste, Italy
 Enter Trieste, Italy, turn a few corners and chances are excellent you will happen on a church. The Church of Saint Anthony lies hidden in the heart of Trieste’s main shopping district. It’s outer walls provide refuge for merchant stalls, and by the time you discover there’s a church there, you’re well on your way past it.

Madonna and Child - Saint Anthony, Trieste
 We enter through a side door and find the church dark and abandoned.

Church of Saint Anthony - Trieste, Italy
 It appears that the church is only open for visitors before and after mass and that its main entrance is on Piazza Sant'Antonio. We learn that this neoclassical church was build between 1828 and 1849. The statues on top are local martyrs.

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