Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The fairy tale town of Bled puts the LOVE in Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia, showing the Church of St Mary, Bled Castle and St Martin Church
 Bled, Slovenia, is a vacation paradise 50 kilometer north-west of the capital Ljubljana; a unique living painting that has it all.

The alpine village lays curved around the narrow east extremity of a glacial lake, which measures a little over 2 kilometer in length and almost 1.5 kilometer across. Tourists may make it their objective to stroll around it but many will be inadvertently drawn by any of the attractions on their way.

The signature castle of Bled lures visitors from afar, being spectacularly positioned on a 130 meter high cliff overlooking the lake, the forests and the mountains, the white spire of Saint Martin’s church nearby or the Church of the Assumption of Mary on the island in the lake.

Bled Castle, Slovenia
 Bled boasts vicinity to Slovenia’s main skiing resorts, of which there are many, because the Slovenians are crazy about skiing, snowboarding and what have you. Every weekend they zip down mountains of fly off the jump at Planica, which happens to be the biggest ski jump in the world.

To accommodate its many visitors, Bled houses countless hotels, hostels and pensions ranging from the imposing five star Grand Hotel Toplice (150 to 600 Euro per room per night), which offers a frontal view of the lake and the castle, to a host of four star hotels, such as Hotel Golf, Hotel Park and Hotel Villa Bled.

Less demanding tourists will find lodging to their liking in any of the many three star hotels, ranging from the lake-side concrete cage Hotel Lelovica (33 Euro pp/pn) to the quaint 12 room Hotel Villa Bojana (60 Euro per night per room), just a few hundred meters away from the lake.

Overlooking Lake Bled, Slovenia

 For the backpackers there is the Youth Hostel just below the castle of Bled, which offers private rooms for 23 Euro and beds in dorm rooms for 21 Euro, or the adjacent George Best Bar, which offers beds in dorm rooms for as little as 15 Euro per night per bed.

Then there is a host of restaurants, bars, pools, spa’s a Thai massage parlor and other expressions of the wellness industry, because wellness is the only accepted state of mind in Bled.
Bled puts the LOVE in Slovenia.

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