Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The City Park Shopping Complex, annex Kolosej Movie Theatre in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Yep, there it is
 It takes us a while, but then we find the car buried under a foot of snow, parked in a side street somewhere close to the train station of Ljubljana, Slovenia. My gloves (bought in Poland, right after the car got broken in to) and bear hat (bought in Zurich, right after the car got broken in to again) lay loyally on the passenger seat. Someone’s been kind enough to fold the mirrors in and pull the wipers off the wind shield. In any other country the windshield would have been smashed and the mirrors snapped off, but the few days I’ve spent in Slovenia so far have introduced me to possible the nicest and hospitable people in Europe.

Draga decides I’m comfy enough to brave yet another shopping mall. I remind her of what happened in Usce Centar in Belgrade but Draga is determined. She gives me vitamin pills and forces me into thirty minutes of yoga, and off we go, once more onto the breach.

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