Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dragan Jovanovic; Genius Performer Extraordinaire

Dragan Jovanovic
in Nesvrstana Strana Muzike
Should you ever be in Belgrade with an evening to spare, do yourself a favor and go to any play that features Dragan Jovanovic. I’ve seen two now and although I understand about five Serbian words, I spent both evenings in stitches.

Dragan Jovanovic is Belgrade’s resident jester as much as political mirror. His plays invariably take the piss out of everybody and anything but always in the kind manner of a family friend. He never insults but eagerly shows how silly we really are.

Jovanovic & Company
More Boney M than Boney M
 His vocal range is enormous; he’ll squeal out in arrested amazement, howl like a banshee or cheer on an invisible football team in hoarse brays. Whenever there’s a need to, he dances like only he can.

No one is immune to his antics. Even his fellow actors jackknife on occasion, and the play is suspended, the fourth wall is shattered and Dragan Jovanovic prances about wallowing in standing ovations.

Jovanovic as Che (or Gay?) Guevara
If you haven’t seen Dragan, you haven’t been to Belgrade.

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